Your advice and counsel is critical to students as they graduate and pursue a career.  North Dakota’s construction industry offers ever-evolving, dynamic career opportunities for students who want to enter the workforce immediately after high school and for those who want to pursue college degrees.

The industry needs individuals with advanced degrees and training in business and computer-savvy positions—such as project managers, estimators, and designers—as well as large numbers of skilled trades specialists of all types.  A career in construction offers good pay and benefits, ability to continue education, potential to advance, and opportunities to be your own boss.

We especially encourage students who have a strong interest and aptitude in math, science, and technologies to pursue careers in construction. We would recommend looking at  apprenticeship programs, two year college educational opportunities in construction are plentiful and varied or the construction related engineering and architecture degree programs at North Dakota's universities. 

There is an amazing sense of accomplishment achieved when a person helps design or build a stadium, bridge, high rise, street/highway or hospital.  Your advice to students will help them decide what they want to do with their lives.  A career in construction may be the best decision they'll ever make. 

For any questions on the North Dakota construction industry contact Mark Dougherty, (701) 223-2770.