Never before has there been so much opportunity in an industry that is so vital to North Dakota and to our country. A career in construction is a career you can be proud to be a part of and is an industry where you can be part of a great team that can truly make a difference in your State, Country and the World. The construction industry in Colorado has provided tremendous careers for many and now nearly 1/3 of the current workforce will be soon enjoying their retirement and leaving the industry with a growing workforce shortage. The biggest opportunities are in the skilled trades segment for young men and women like you who are trying to get ahead in life.

Why Construction? 10 key questions to answer:

  1. Is sitting in a cubicle or an office all day long simply not you?
  2. Do you like to work with your hands and your mind?
  3. Does working with a team that’s got your back seem appealing?
  4. Would you like a career path that you can choose and succeed in at your own pace?
  5. Does working in an industry that will actually train, embrace, and appreciate you make sense?
  6. How about a real career that lets you earn while you learn with lots of choices to fit your personal preferences?
  7. Wouldn’t competitive pay, real growth potential and real benefits be nice?
  8. Want to work in a profession with above average earnings and benefits that supports millions of Americans?
  9. Want to become a skilled craft person, see the fruits of your labor and make a difference by helping build North Dakota?
  10. Are you excited and ready to start on a path to a great career in construction now?
  11. And…why not get started right now?

A career opportunity in construction in North Dakota is not too good to be true!  Step up and step in - the opportunities are here today.

  • You can be part of the next generation to learn a trade, become a leader if you choose - or not, and become a highly valued resource for your entire working life.
  • You can enjoy life without dreading going to work every day.
  • You’ll make a difference, be part of a great team and be able to earn a good living throughout your lifetime.
  • Check out exactly what types of jobs are available today and the career paths construction offers.
  • No degrees are needed - just a dedication to learn, a commitment to doing your best and a strong sense of teamwork.